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Welcome aboard!!

The Shakti has been permanentely based in Raja Ampat and operating bi-monthly 12 day dive expeditions since 2002. No other liveaboard has spent this much actual time in Raja Ampat.

Having extensively explored the region within the past 11 years, the Shakti-team can offer unique itineraries to genuinely unknown and pristine divesites.

The closest airport and gateway to the Raja Ampat islands is SORONG. The town is developing rapidly, but still, most tourists won’t want to linger. Most foreigners are either miners or dive tourists passing through.

One of the best ways to explore this remote marine environment off West Papua’s Bird’s Head Peninsula is on board a traditional Phinisi Schooner. There are over 700 islands to explore and a myriad reefs and coral cays. Even after years of exploring, new sites and even new endemic species are continually being discovered.

Raja Ampat offeres a whole diversity of shallow water experiences - barrier reefs, mangroves, walls, fringing reefs, shallow pinnacles, caves, lagoons, channels. Each has its unique inhabitants and qualities. Diving, snorkelling and free diving without all the cumbersome equipment is an intensely ‘free’ experience. With a water temperature hovering around 28-30 C you don’t even need much gear to explore these shallow water ecosystems.

It’s also possible to book a non-diving cruise through the archipelago – The Shakti is a long serving and extremely comfortable live aboard that offers such trips.

Without all the heavy scuba gear, you can just lift up your head and you see the beautiful surroundings above sea level - or even both at the same time. With this split vision you can combine two amazingly colorful and untouched worlds in one gaze. Rainforests above, coral gardens below

Charter the Shakti for groups up to 10 guests and we will design your unique cruise in Raja Ampat accordingly to your interests and wishes in terms of activities.

We are looking forward to design your individual adventure
and welcome you soon on board the Shakti!

The Shakti Team

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