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The Shakti has been permanently based in Raja Ampat since 2002. No other liveaboard has spent this much time or clocked up more dives in Raja Ampat. Having extensively explored the region over the past 17 years, the Shakti team can offer unique itineraries to genuinely unknown and pristine divesites. The best way to explore this remote marine environment off West Papua’s Bird’s Head Peninsula is on board a traditional Phinisi Schooner. There are over 700 islands to explore and a myriad reefs and coral cays. Even after years of exploring, new sites and even new endemic species are continually being discovered. Raja Ampat offeres a whole diversity of shallow water experiences - barrier reefs, mangroves, walls, fringing reefs, shallow pinnacles, caves, lagoons and channels. Each has its unique inhabitants and qualities. Shakti offers specialized diving, snorkeling and free diving itineraries. The water temperature is a year round 26-28°C so you can enjoy nature’s most biodiverse reefs in perfect comfort.

Raja Ampat has become famous as a diving destination of international repute, but it is also possible to book a non-diving cruise through the archipelago. The Shakti is a long serving and extremely comfortable liveaboard that offers trips of all kinds – geological expeditions, bird watching, trekking and village interactions. Unencumbered by heavy scuba gear enjoy some of the most beautiful karst limestone coastal scenery in the world. Virgin rainforests meeting coral gardens. It will take your breath away.

Charter the Shakti for groups up to 10 friends and we will design your unique cruise in Raja Ampat according to your personal interests and individual wishes in terms of activities.

We are looking forward to designing your individual adventure and to welcome you soon onboard Shakti!

Meet Our Crew

Bob Brunskill is a co-owner of the boat and leads most of the trips. An Englishman with some 17 years of experience planning and executing dive trips in Indonesia. Bob specialized in Raja Ampat in 2008 onboard Pindito before embarking on a freelance career as a private guide on Superyachts. He joined Shakti in 2016 and has deepened the already extensive knowledge of the team of Raja Ampat as well as pioneering expeditions to Cendriwashi Bay and the Spice Islands (Banda Sea).

David Pagliari, a one time Scot, built the Shakti all these years back and ran the operation for many years on his own, before taking a step back in 2016. He has overseen every single renovation of the vessel and, while he leads far fewer trips these days, he remains passionate about the area, drawing from over 2 decades of diving and exploring the Raja Ampat waters. His knowledge of the region, its culture, people, mystical stories and marine life is outstanding and inspires the whole Shakti operation.

Dai Lovell has been working across the Indonesian archipelago for over a decade, running a dive shop in Komodo and directing cruises in East Indonesia. He joined Shakti as a trip leader in 2018 and brings a wealth of knowledge of Indonesian waters to the team. He specialises in macro diving but enjoys all the challenging diving the Raja Ampat waters have to offer.

Bob, Dave and Dai are amongst the most experienced members of the diving community in Indonesia and set high and exacting standards for the Shakti operation in terms of safety, performance and reliability. At the same time, their love for the area is infectious and they know that a relaxed trip is the key to really enjoying the wonders of Raja Ampat.

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