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The Shakti crew is a team of 8 Indonesians most of whom have worked together for many years.

David Pagliari is owner and skipper of the boat. He draws from almost 2 decades of diving and exploring the Raja Ampat waters. His knowledge about the area; its culture, people, mystical stories and marine life is outstanding and something special in a place where, now, new boats take to the water each year. 

dave and shanti

New for 2016 sees Paul Bob Brunskill join the team. An Englishman with a decade of experience planning and executing dive trips in Indonesia. Bob specialized in Raja Ampat in 2008 onboard Pindito before embarking on a freelance career as a private guide on Superyachts.


Between David and Bob, Shakti offers unrivalled experience in the area and is one of the only liveaboards with secret spots and anchorages no other operators are using.

The Vessel
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